New technology and mega-successful podcasts like Serial and Radio Lab have got people excited about the power of audio. Using sound to tell compelling stories that people can listen to – in their cars, in the gym, on a plane – has got a lot going for it. It’s not expensive, it’s relatively easy to produce and – if it’s done well – it can be one of the most effective tools in the box.

You may already be keen to use great audio on your site or in your next campaign. The snag is that great audio isn’t as easy to make as you might think. Just go and listen to some of the material available on the web at the moment. This is where I can help.  I can make audio content – from concept to finished, uploadable product – that will immediately put you at the top of the iTunes charts and keep you there. Well, possibly not straight away. But I can create engaging, high-quality, creative sound that will do exactly what you want it to – grab and hold our audience. And it just might get you into the charts.

The First Person podcastFirst Person Brand Logo V1.0

First Person set out to do things differently. The mainstream media is full of people whose names we know. My presenter, (award winning journalist and author) Marianne Thamm, and I wanted to lift a corner of the curtain on the lives of people we don’t know. We wanted to talk to the ordinary-seeming people – the one behind us at the checkout or next to us in the traffic. What stories are they concealing? Often the most extraordinary of all.

In the first series of First Person, amongst others,  you’ll meet:

Monica – the 71-year-old retired nurse who, in her search for meaning after her husband’s death, discovered the healing power of “magic” mushrooms and who is now on a mission to bring their powers to a wider public – despite having been arrested and put in jail for her “soma parties”.

Karl – the pigeon-fancier who knows his obsession with his backyard bird palace is threatening his marriage – but who finds it impossible to let go.

Faeth – who set out from a sexless marriage to find new stimulation and discovered that BDSM was what floated her boat – and all with the blessing of her husband.

Annelie – who, after a chance meeting with a woman by a roadside 13 years ago, found she had the calling to become a sangoma and thus entered one of South Africa’s most enigmatic traditional worlds.

“So clear and so close to the ear! This doesn’t just tell you what other lives are all about, you actually feel like you’re living them. A tremendous broadcast experience, somewhere between reading, listening and living.”

Jeremy Vine, presenter the lunchtime show on BBC Radio 2 (UK)

“So refreshing to find local content as good as the best docu-story-telling from the CBC, BBC, and NPR etc.”

Jacqueline Domisse, Cape Town

“While Serial focused on a specific person’s predicament for an entire season, South Africa’s First Person podcast is reworking this format to a more acute and local degree.…….The half-an-hour weekly cast focuses on seemingly ordinary South Africans who harbour curious, tabooed and captivating secrets. And I mean captivating.”

Tech site – Memeburn

Santam Be Safe Out There podcasts

santam studio shotSantam wanted to position themselves as a brand who knew just how hard it is to take the risk of starting your own business by creating really valuable content for SMMEs. We got four SA entrepreneurs and a business psychologist round a table, added Aden Thomas as a host and asked them for their best advice on all sorts of topics – getting seed funding, managing a team, dealing with failure, building partnerships. The result was a series of podcasts full of priceless advice. The content was used on the Santam blog, Facebook, Twitter, quotes taken out and made into infographics. Plus the audio was re-edited and flighted on Power FM. Compelling content that really worked hard for the brand.

Here’s the first episode in the Be Safe Out There series.


” The series of podcasts Jayne produced for us for Santam were a huge success. The quality of production was world class and Jayne is a true professional – managing to get the best out of the speakers and craft it into a beautiful piece of content. Very happy clients!”

Kelly May: Account Manager, Society social media and content marketing agency, King James Group.


CD for Mandela: Celebrating the Legacy

pearson mandela book“When Pearson decided to create a legacy book to commemorate Nelson Mandela’s awe-inspiring life, we wanted to add a special lasting element that would set it apart from similar publications. We were privileged to get the rights to reproduce several recordings of Madiba’s own words at pivotal times in his life and in South Africa’s history and we were keen to add these on an audio CD that would be inserted into the book. However, the recordings were mostly of poor quality and either very long or very short and they needed context, editing and enhancing in terms of quality.

Jayne Morgan tackled this very sensitive task with great professionalism and enthusiasm. She identified and contracted a superb voice-over artist, identified key extracts in the speeches, prepared the script to provide context to the recordings and enhanced the raw audio files as much as possible. The files were delivered back to us in the formats we needed and in record time.

The final product was certainly something we are all very proud of.”

Karen Simpson: Learning Resources Director, Pearson South Africa.

Here’s an extract from the CD – Mandela’s famous speech from the dock, complete with introduction.



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    That speech! You know, I don’t think I’d ever heard it before, yet I could say the words along with him. Nice work.

    • February 28, 2016 at 7:24 pm

      Thank you. Glad you liked it. Quite amazing that it was recorded given when it happened.

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