Whatever words you need – web copy, internal comms, media releases, brochures, articles, advertising features, radio ads, anything – I’ll make sure you say the right thing in the right way to reach the right people. I’ve worked with many different kinds of clients over the past decade, so I can put all that experience to good use for you. Here are a few recent examples.

Shop Talk

SHOPTALK 2ND EDITION 2014_COVER-page-001Shop Talk, is Woolworths in-house publication. I’m their sole writer and have been for ten years. It’s just one of the copy jobs I do for Woolies. I love working with the  brand and the people.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jayne  over the past decade.  Jayne writes  copy for various internal publications for us often taking technical and heavily jargoned content and transforming it, through her skill with words, into communication that helps engage and empower our audience.  Her brilliant humour and high level of service make Jayne great to work with.”

Lucy Pedlar – Internal Communications Manager, Woolworths.


Rhodes University Research Report

I was commresearchreportappissioned by Rhodes’ Director of Research to write the eight opening feature articles for both the 2011 and 2012 research reports. I had to become an instant expert – black holes, teenage pregnancy, tabloid newspapers, the philosophy of leadership, forensic entymology, the Square Kilometer Array.  It was an incredible chance to explore the minds of some of South Africa’s cleverest people and made me a popular dinner guest.

I have also written marketing material for Rhodes School of Languages and Rhodes International Office.


Writing for the web is a whole different way of doing things.  I’ve produced content for, amongst others, Pearson Education South Africa’s relaunched site and Woolworths Holdings. I’ve also helped VPS Networks, a cloud computing company, communicate more successfully with the humans down here on the ground.

Radio Ads

I’ve written and directed ads and promotions for many different clients. Here are a few examples.

AVSTAGE – You know that moment, when you’re in front of a sea of expectant faces and your brilliant AV presentation ‘doesn’t want to play’. We used the pain of that moment to bring home the value of AVstage’s tech help.


ACCA – The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants – good on them – wanted to inject some humour into their potentially, well, rather dull product.


BMW POLO – SA were playing the Aussies in South Africa sponsored by BMW. It was during a particularly poor run in the rest of South African sport – so we thought that polo might cheer the nation up.


CUM GARMIN- We’ve all met him. The idiot shop assistant – the type you DON’T get at Cape Union Mart.


CIAO BABY CUCINA 1- The clue is in the name.


CIAO BABY CUCINA 2 – The first ad was so successful, the restaurant wanted a second one that played on the same idea. So we turned it on it’s head.


Media relations

I’ve worked with a number of PR and communications agencies to create content for clients that has genuine news appeal.