button I am currently working on my first novel – Like Katherine. Here’s the latest draft. I would love you to read it and give me any thoughts that occur to you.
stone- The Common is an online literary magazine based at Amhurst College in the US. They published this piece about my most important graveyard. It’s called Headstone Stories.
Nightjar R&T Nieu Bethesda 1 Old watermill, Nieu Bethesda Aerodrome is a South African literary magazine. Here’s The Long and The Short of It, published last year.
Apple Crumble crp Crumble was published in Prole literary magazine in the UK in 2014.
baby-feet17  In The Club was runner up in the Woman and Home Short Story Competition in 2013.
cliff-adams-singers-sing-something-simple Sing something simple started as a writing exercise about memory and smell. It went through various versions, this one being crafted with the help of  proper, grown-up, has-a-Wikipedia-page, South African poet Robert Berold (my writing father), so these are my words but his form.  Together we won third prize in a UK poetry competition but, I’m sad to say, I can’t remember the name of it.

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